You are currently viewing Humans of the World in Cagliari- Erica comes home and Marco gets hungry!

Humans of the World in Cagliari- Erica comes home and Marco gets hungry!

Humans of the World in Cagliari- Erica comes home and Marco gets hungry!
December 28, 2021 - By AnumitaBagchi

In this first episode of the exciting show from Britalians TV, Humans of the World, we are off to an emotional start, as Marco and Erica touch down in Cagliari, Sardinia, with Erica returning to where she is from for the first time in over ten years! The lovely presenting duo spend their first day in Cagliari, taking in the sights and sounds; the hills, churches and piazzas, and enjoying the welcoming nature of the Sardinian people. 


Marco and Erica first meet another lovely couple, Kevin and Christina, who are just about to get married! They enjoy the morning sunshine together while comparing the more laidback life in Cagliari to the hustle and bustle of London. Next, the Palazzo Civico di Cagliari, the municipal seat of the Sardinian capital. Erica explains the gothic and art deco architecture, while Marco is a little distracted by being hungry! 


Next up is a meeting with Paolo Truzzu, the Mayor of Cagliari, who tells us about his plans to make the Cagliari of the future, while Marco satisfies himself with an apple in the background. Paolo talks about his plans for improving the city and making sure its people are happy, and if you watch his little interview, you will see how he would use his 24 hours as a ghost to help him with this! After some advice from the Mayor on how to use your passion to advance in your career journey, Marco and Erica set off in search for a cure to their hunger! 


The pair head to Sabores, where a very excited Erica hopes that Marco will finally learn to cook for himself by learning from the chef Enrico. A special Sardinian dry pasta- Maloreddus alla Campidanese is cooked and combined with the highest quality ingredients (it is hard to stop Marco from sipping the white wine and pinching the tomatoes) to create a beautiful dish which they thoroughly enjoy! 


Grotta Marcello is an underground cave in Cagliari which many people used as a hideout in the Second World War. It is now a restaurant, pizzeria and bar, with spaces used for jazz performances and dances of many kinds, which is really quite the upgrade! Marco and Erica meet with bartenders Ettore and Erika there to whip up some drinks. Amid trying to talk with lemon slices in their mouths and attempting a little dance, they manage to make a Campari Spritz and a Sex on the Beach cocktail, served alongside some delicious local Culurgiones. 


Overall, Marco and Erica have made a superb start to their Sardinian adventure, so ensure that you tune in to see all the details, and join in on the fun!

By Britalians TV
Written by
AnumitaBagchi , Anumita Bagchi

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