You are currently viewing Humans of the World in Sardinia: Farewell to Cagliari, but Hello to Exploration!

Humans of the World in Sardinia: Farewell to Cagliari, but Hello to Exploration!

Humans of the World in Sardinia: Farewell to Cagliari, but Hello to Exploration!
May 26, 2022 - By AnumitaBagchi

It is Marco and Erica’s last day in Cagliari! In this episode of Humans of the World, you will see lots of different perspectives of Cagliari, from its high end traditional artwork to bespoke cooking at the THotel. 


In the Piazza Carlo Alberto, Erica explains the history behind its different names, and she and Marco catch up with two ladies who are Cagliari locals. Barbara and Chiara offer their thoughts on the best things about their hometown, and say they wouldn’t change a thing about it, something which lots of the Cagliari residents we have met seem to have in common! After a chat about how wonderful it is to be able to have dinner at the beach, and the daily habits of the local flamingos, Marco and Erica are off again. 


Back in the yacht-filled Portus Karalis Marina, our hosts connect with a man called Mirco, whom they snatch away from his drinks at a nearby bar. Mirco tells us that he is originally from Italy, but came to live in the beautiful island of Sardinia and completely fell in love with it, as well as finding the love of his life here! They talk about watersports, which are a specialty of the sporty Mirco, and the different whales and dolphins found in Sardinian waters. 


Next on the itinerary for Marco and Erica is a visit to ISOLA, a showcase dedicated to displaying the work of Sardinian artists. They see some beautiful ceramics and handmade rugs from the south of Sardinia. The blends of textiles in one particular rug is designed to show off the beautiful colours of the fabrics. Marco and Erica meet with a master ceramicist, Walter Usai, and while Marco is preoccupied with painting clay on everybody, the artist explains how he started practising his craft when he was only 13 years old- so impressive! Make sure you watch this episode to see Valter add details to his work with his eyes closed, and find out how long this artistic process takes him. 


Marco and Erica visit the stunning THotel, a 4-star location complete with all the amenities that a guest could want, including gardens, water features, a cafe, bistro and restaurant! There, the chef Emmanuele shows our hosts how to make a classic couscous dish, while explaining his Maori tattoos and trying to stop Marco from throwing his knives around! Emmanuele serves the couscous with roasted vegetables, fresh bread, and fragrant wine, in the THotel waterside restaurant. He reveals his favourite food (clue- Erica and Marco made it in a previous episode!) and accepts a lovely toast, then our hosts are off again.


To see the last quarter of Marco and Erica’s adventure in Cagliari, and to see them round of their final day with a visit to a few different churches and even catch sight of a religious celebration, make sure you tune in to this episode of Humans of the World, on Britalians TV!

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AnumitaBagchi , Anumita Bagchi

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