Humans of the World in Sardinia, Marco and Erica take us to meet the People of Bosa- a melting pot of culture and art!
May 22, 2021 - By AnumitaBagchi

In the fifth episode of Humans of the World, Marco and Erica arrive in Bosa, a comune in the province of Oristano, Sardinia. Despite its small population of only around 8000 people, Bosa has an urban feel, with plenty to see and do, as our wonderful hosts are about to show you!


Marco and Erica meet the lovely Mayor of Bosa, Piero Franco Casula, who welcomes them into his office, and to Bosa, with an infectious smile and positive energy. He shares his lack of regrets in his life with our hosts, and tells Marco that the right pair of spectacles could make him a perfect professor or mayoral candidate! Erica asks what is next for Bosa, to which Piero gives two responses- one is to focus on the tourism and events sectors, and the other is to develop infrastructure in order to further support artists and creators in the city, which is certainly an admirable cause! After a very kind farewell from the Mayor, Marco and Erica meet a couple who are soon expecting a baby boy! They talk about the reversal of gender roles in doing housework, and also the high number of women who get pregnant after the Festival in Bosa! Marco thinks that the partying and alcohol has something to do with it…


Next is a visit to the Giovanni Battista Columbu Winery, an intriguing place set in a large underground cellar. There, Marco and Erica sample two different white wines, one sweet and one very dry prompting some interesting facial reactions from Marco. They learn how to properly taste wine, complete with swirling and sniffing it. After this, they visit the Associazione Culturale Manos de Ora, where the president, Maria, demonstrates the traditional craft of filet di Bosa, a beautiful type of textile work which is specific to the region. Marco enjoys the company of these fine ladies with golden hands, while Erica tries on some earrings made of small sections of the material. 


After these cultural experiences, Marco and Erica visit the main cathedral of Bosa, Concattedrale Maria Immacolata, which was built in 1600! They speak to a priest who has been involved with the church since he was a young boy, and also worked as a teacher, to help young children. He talks about the convenience of having a beard, and also how his parents felt about his life choices regarding joining the church. He also offers advice to young people looking to join the church and serve god. 


This episode is certainly not to be missed, as it showcases the real cultural heart of Bosa, as Marco and Erica begin to explore it.

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AnumitaBagchi , Anumita Bagchi

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