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Is sheep’s wool already coloured in nature?

Is sheep’s wool already coloured in nature?
September 27, 2021 - By Marc Vezzi

Marco and Erica on their fourth day of travel among humans, stories, cous cous, traditions and…. sheep dilemmas!

Is sheep’s wool already coloured in nature?

Marco and Erica on their fourth day of travel among humans, stories, cous cous, traditions and…. sheep dilemmas!

Good morning Britalians Tv viewers!

Day four in Cagliari! Marco and Erica are now slowly discovering all the corners, secrets and stories of the city!

Today we are going back to some places from the first episode. Erica and Marco are in Piazza Carlo Alberto or plazuela, “little square” as it was called by the Spaniards, to distinguish it from Piazza Palazzo, which during the Iberian domination was called Plaza Mayor. In this small square in the sixteenth century were executed public death sentences against the nobles. Who will be put in the pillory (especially by Marco) after so many years?

The two Cagliari women Barbara and Chiara! Marco: “And what does that gesture with the nose mean? Doesn’t it have a second meaning like snorting…?”

But a really unique thing about Cagliari is the Flamingos. That stay in the lagoon near the beach and get up in the air around evening. Yes, because flamingos fly, don’t they Marco?

Barbara and Chiara have many secrets but this is not the right time to reveal them, ours will have to come back later!

Hugs and kisses.


Marco is too much in love with yachts and so he has to go back to the Marina of Portus Karalis, in the Port of Cagliari. A few steps from the centre, in fact, you can find yachts of every size, which also exceed 90 meters in length.


On the beach, our guests meet Mirko Babini. He has been living in Sardinia for 20 years. He moved here for many reasons: waves, wind, sea… and then he also found his wife, the mother of his 2 children. And he decided to stay for the family, for the sunset and for the possibility here to be able to practice many sports like windsurfing, but also all water sports.

Then, contrary to what Marco asks, there are no dangerous animals in the water, there are no sharks, there are no killer whales, there are dolphins and whales maybe in the marine protected area of Capo Carbonara. 

And even on land, there are no tigers, lions, crocodiles, snakes Marco! We are not in the jungle!


The other two stops today are special.

First of all, you have to know that Sardinia is an island that hosts an island on the mainland: Artigianato Sardo I.S.O.L.A.. The joke is related to the fact that the word “isola” in Italian outside the acronym means island. Sorry for this, Marco’s fault. A long history of art and creativity since the fifteenth century. Products that combine the millenary Sardinian tradition and the new techniques of artistic craftsmanship.

In particular, are presented a carpet of southern SardiniaMulticolour. The typical feature of Sardinian carpets of the south. It could be a nice wedding gift or, as Marco reminds us, a divorce gift!

The other weave, on the other hand, is Indiana Jones style, as Marco says, with wide meshes and different colours, in cotton. And here is a great scene with Marco who asks if for the different colours of cloth there are sheep to be chosen according to the colour of the wool they wear, so maybe orange sheep for orange and so on… maybe he doesn’t remember that wool is dyed after being cut… So imagine a rainbow Sardinia with all the multicoloured sheep grazing here and there! Amazing!


But Sardinian ceramics also have a tradition of thousands of years. And our people couldn’t help but go and see how these objects that have often travelled all over the world are created!

Artisans like Valter Usai know every secret of this beautiful art! Our Marco will be able to make a culture!

To begin to learn this art you can see him painting the lenses of our craftsman’s glasses, painting his face, drawing a moustache on a lady… Poor Erica!

Valter has been married for 25 years and has impressed his future wife with his skills as a craftsman potter. Even as a young boy, around the age of 13, he began to take up his father’s profession and carried it on. Meticulous work of 5-6 hours per vase but giving wonderful results! Watching is believing!


To end the day, guess what Marco is missing?

Food of course.

T Hotel is a 4-star luxury hotel. 15 floors, 62 meters high. More than 200 rooms, all different from each other. Bar, bistro, SPA. A dream with a restaurant, garden and much more.

Emanuele Scanu prepares together with our two sparkling travellers a vegetable cous cous. In the meantime, while Erica does her best to help, Marco has to cover his eyes while the cook is cutting the vegetables, and he is so hungry that at one point he says he is so hungry that drool is dripping from his mouth and has already wet his whole shirt and the rest of his body!


Finally, the dish is ready and is served masterfully, with a presentation worthy of an Oscar. The cous cous is accompanied by a glass of red wine with an intense and satisfying taste, a Rocca Rubia from Santadi, a Carignano of Sulcis Reserve. And you will see Marco a bit drunk after this lunch.

Marco: “A toast to Emanuele! You were amazing! I love you! I could have married you but I don’t want to!” Poor guy! He is discriminated against every day by Erica!


Returning home, at dusk, the unexpected! There are celebrations for Sant’Efisio! Sant’Efisio is not the patron saint of Cagliari (instead he is Saturnino) but since 1656 after an epidemic of plague, the city was bound by a perpetual vow to celebrate him annually for his recovered health.

Outside the church of the saint our people find, before he escapes, Salvatore, dressed in his penitential habit, of the Archconfraternity of the Gonfalone of Sant’Efisio Martire.


And finally, on the steps of the Collegiate Church of Sant’Anna, our heroes find a boy from Sinnai, a town 13 km from Cagliari. He is the only one among his brothers who did not want to leave his homeland to go to London, he is very attached to his origins. And what better mascot to invite you all to come to Sardinia and visit it, beautiful land and island? And what better guide for your trip than our Marco and Erica?


By Britalians TV
Written by
Marc Vezzi

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