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Marco took the bread, broke it and… gave it to Erica!

Marco took the bread, broke it and… gave it to Erica!
September 20, 2021 - By Marc Vezzi

The third day of travel among people, stories and… delicacies of Sardinia!

Britalians TV viewers, good morning!

Marco and Erica’s third day in Cagliari starts from the charming Villanova district, at the foot of the hill, close to the Castello district from which they left the first day. From the Church of San Giacomo and its beautiful square through streets lined with pastel-coloured houses, flowered balconies and a Piazzetta full of colours. It is here that ours meet the first of many Humans of the world of this episode!


The first couple is Brendan Lawlor and Jens Bilgrav. The latter carries in his arms the dog Dudina, Sardinian DOC.

Brendan is originally from Ireland and came to Italy for love. On the other hand, as Marco reminds us, the saying goes “pulls more…” His wife is from Cagliari.

Bilgrav, on the other hand, comes from Denmark, he too, a complicated story, came to Italy for an Italian woman from Rome, but without a happy ending, except that he stayed in Cagliari!

The two are “working”, they are on coffee break, but they are working! Incredible! Marco is tempted to move here. “What am I doing in London!!!?” But we know that together with Erica he enjoys life anyway!

Hugs and kisses.


Via San Giovanni, Via San Domenico, Villanova DistrictIn the past this neighbourhood was considered the home of farmers and gardeners; now it is the place of artisans, exclusive bars and elegant boutiques. Marco catches a glimpse of a fantastic backpack in a shop window: “Erica, can you buy me a backpack?”

Erica and Marco can’t not make the acquaintance of the owner of this space, Carlo Budroni, who right here has his workshop studio, “C+C”. He produces handcrafted bags experimenting with new materials and traditional Sardinian fabrics, but also textile furnishing accessories, such as cushions and decorative panels. He started “informally” in 2004 and then in 2007 he opened his own store.

If you are interested in seeing how this truly creative and artist works and Marco and Erica bore him, here you are!


Continuing on in the encounter of local humans, Marco must have had a bit of a high… he happens upon a large space with a breathtaking view and thinks he’s lost! But do you viewers really recognize where our people have arrived? Yes, that’s right, Terrazza Umberto I, as we saw in the second episode of this season!

And here’s another couple, Federica Masala and Stefano Iesu, UniCa students, who had their first date right in this place. We neglect details of Marco’s jokes. She studies Classical Literature. “Latin and Greek, the most useful languages in the world!”: can we forgive this one to Marco?

He instead studies Motor Sciences.

Marco tries to find out how apartment rentals are in Cagliari. They are not very expensive, but to get one for free is a bit difficult. For those of you in the audience who would like to make a donation, make this really generous gesture: 8×1000 to Marco!


Continuing with this happy series of appointments with university students, from the two smokers to the couple we just met, while like a… pizza dog Marco is looking for food, at the foot of the Bastione San Remy, in Piazza Costituzione, our sparkling conductors find two university students, Azzurra Serra and Claudia Podda. Enrolled in the faculty of Biomedical Engineering, they tell us a bit about life in Cagliari, between study, drinking and smoking, relaxing places secrets (revealed, so if anyone wants to go to console them!).

Right at the end of the interview, we discover that the two are on the road to go to take an exam, in computer science. Who knows if the meeting with Erica but especially with Marco was relaxing or if it didn’t upset them too much… “If you who are watching are their professor, they are very good, let them pass the exam!” Let’s hope their prof didn’t see Marco!


The second stream of meetings today is in the field of craftsmanship. After Carlo Budroni here is Antonio Puddu, a craftsman since he was a child, who in his life has also been a great boxing champion, so much so that he was an Italian and European lightweight champion.


One last stroll before the snack in Portus Karalis Marina, invaded by yachts, so much so that Marco, we know you’d be tempted to take one and make like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street!


For a snack, our guests are at the Antico Forno Gransole, in Via Carloforte.

Mirko Barbarossa helps Marco and Erica to prepare pardulas, a typical Sardinian dessert, made with sheep ricotta cheese, saffron and flavoured with grated lemon and orange peel.

Marco can’t hold back the hunger that pervades him since the morning and starts to taste everything he sees, a glutton! Strange, isn’t it?

But the result is extraordinary, excellent!


Finally, since Michele has pity for our Marco, here are two nice slices of civraxiu bread, a typical Sardinian bread, with a golden-brown crust and a tender and compact crumb.

Marco breaks the bread-like Jesus Christ and shares it with Erica, who relives the flavours of her youth!

And you, what are you waiting for to watch them?

By Britalians TV
Written by
Marc Vezzi

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