You are currently viewing Sardinia: from mountains to sea to… bar!

Sardinia: from mountains to sea to… bar!

Sardinia: from mountains to sea to… bar!
September 13, 2021 - By Marc Vezzi

Art, history, views, stories, fun on the second day of Marco and Erica’s trip to Cagliari!

Britalians Tv viewers, good morning!

Today is the second day of travel for our two lovebirds, Marco and Erica, in Cagliari!


We visit the historical and artistic part of the city.

And we start from Castello, the oldest of the four districts of Cagliari. At a height of 200 meters, with a breathtaking panoramic view, the Terrazza Umberto I is the perfect place to meet new people and learn something new.

Today’s first two humans are Andrew Codling and Alexander Krakolinig.

Both are citizens of the world who have arrived here in Cagliari. Andrew is from Norfolk England, a local government official from the United Kingdom, who came here for pleasure, with many friends, for tourism and to discover specialities of this area. We do not report the first cartridges fired by Marco, who enters the spirituality of the guest, hidden depths of the human unconscious!


Alexander is from Klagenfurt, Austria. He is, in addition to a very good breakdancer and salsa dancer, a Spiritual Master with many years of experience and various specializations.

So much so that it is now necessary to test these skills in front of you, the audience! Unmissable moment because you will see Marco meditating deeply, redeeming himself from all his bad jokes etc….. or maybe not?

Then again, as Alexander says, meditating, like dancing is a way you can unleash creativity, be happy and share what you are!


The second stop on today’s trip of ours is the top of Mount St. Elijah with the Fort of St. Ignatius. Today home to mountain bikers, runners, bikers. Wonderful strategic and panoramic position! From which you can admire wonderful parts of the city of Cagliari: Monte Claro, the medieval castle of San Michele, and Monte Urpinu with its necropolis!


But let’s go to the beach, where we find two fantastic runners on skates, Erika Carta and Stefano Cancellu!

In their lives they are actors and they really were exceptional, very funny! You will see them crying in front of the camera, laughing, improvising a karaoke.

In their opinion Cagliari’s sea is unique! Very different from London where, as Marco explains, you get up at 4 in the morning and start running. You fight for lunch like a wild animal, biting people on the neck like a zombie. “It’s a very civilized country!” Where, as Erica says, there is a lot of creativity!


Erika is assistant director of a new play in Cagliari, Il sogno di un marinaio, The dream of a sailor.

While Stefano carries on at the Teatro delle Saline a masterpiece of theatre, Ibsen’s Ghosts.

Amazing to say the least! Good luck in your profession, hugs and kisses and let’s move on.


Arriving at dusk, walking around Cagliari we notice a large number of churches. However, our people do not stop in one of these churches, but makes a stop at the University. They interview two students who, as Marco says, have just finished smoking marijuana. And here Marco, other than meditation and salsa, surpasses himself in asking embarrassing questions to the two, from their ideal or real partners to Cagliari’s nightlife… not to be missed!


As the last stop for today, ours couldn’t not stop for an aperitif at the bar in Piazza Yenne. And here they take advantage of the hospitality of the Sardinian people, of their sociability, sitting at the small table of four guys from a small Sardinian town of 35 inhabitants and no less than 4 churches. Marco: “What do you eat?” You can imagine that too, right?

Marco: “Ask Erica any question you might ask a girl!” So audience if you want to know a little more about how our two lovebirds met and got to know each other, it’s time to click the play button on the video. To end embarrassing stories, let’s applaud simplicity!

Marco: “If you wanted to be contacted by women would you leave your Instagram profiles?” So for those of you interested, Antonio Raimondo Villa, Dario Pisciottu, Francesco Urru and Antonio Mureddu are eagerly on Instagram waiting for you to follow them.


Art, History, views, people with their stories, fun! There is everything on this second day in Cagliari… and what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this episode and get ready for the next ones, they will surely reserve many more surprises!

By Britalians TV
Written by
Marc Vezzi

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