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Soaking Up The Sardinian Sun- Day 3

Soaking Up The Sardinian Sun- Day 3
July 20, 2022 - By Emeka Diamond

The Best Friend A Person Could Ever Have

Are they tall? Not so much. Are they cute? They most certainly are. Are they friendly? Of course. They are the best friend a person could ask for. Well, the best friend a person could ask for on four legs…or rather paws. I’m of course talking about the best guest ever! Dodina, a female Italian Maltipoo that features in the episode. 

When I first started the episode, I thought my treat would again be the breathtaking scenery of the Sardinian town overlooking the hills, the architectural mix of post modernist and vintage buildings, (such as the church that features in the opening and the houses with balconies that made me want to reenact Romeo and Juliet’s balcony scene), and the glistening coast line in the foreground that continues to impress me as each entry progresses. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dodina the Italian Maltipoo would be a special guest. 

The special guest was of course accompanied by her owner from Denmark and his friend Brendan (from Ireland). Brendan is looking for his amore, (his love). As soon as I heard that, my mind instantaneously reverted back to the other two episodes and thought to myself maybe Marco’s matchmaking in the previous episodes had finally paid off and he could help reunite them again. But alas, I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best. Whatever the outcome they’ve joined, as Marco put it, “the Cagliari vibe”. A quote which perfectly encapsulates their interviews because of the chemistry created between the presenters and the people they interview. An added bonus being the background and radiant sun that brings out the best in people of Cagliari. 


Fabulous Fabrics

It’s time for a break, and what better way to relax than with a shopping trip. They take a gander into a shop that specialises in unique fabrics for bags, sofas and lamps, with Marco asking “Erica can you buy me a backpack?” (maybe by the end of the series?) The patterns and textures differentiate from one another, but all encapsulate the free spirited nature found by the Cagliari coast. 

They head to the back room of the store to interview textiles artisan Carlo. Engulfed by all the exquisite garments surrounding them, the colours and textures pop out to the viewer, (stacked up high behind them on a shelf, anticipating what Carlo will create). His craft lies in creating quite bespoke pieces, each pattern and colour seems thought through and fundamentally unique for each person, the piece complimenting the person and vice versa. 

The vibrancy of the colours and textures reflect Cagliari- unique, layered and individualistic. You’ll stand out as you take a brisk stroll along the beach. 


“Eye Of The Tiger”

A song that is synonymous with numerous boxing films “Rocky”, it just so happens that Marco and Erica interview a former world champion boxer. He was once a skilled artisan, using his hands to craft, until he decided that his hands could instead be used to fight in the ring.

His laid back approach and calm demeanor were disarming at first, I didn’t expect such a friendly and welcoming elder man to be a retired boxer. However, as the interview progressed, I realized that he was a man who once was a fighter, but after retiring must have realized that his hands could still be of use. Thus he returns to his career as a skilled artisan. 

He was not unscathed from his days as a boxer. As Marco points out, his nose looks broken, and the man states that he sustained the injury from a jab to the face which caused his nose to be broken and changed the shape permanently. 

His win to loss ratio is impressive. Having only lost one fight and won his other fights, it is clear this is a man with focus and dedication. His former trade as an artisan is a skill that has been fundamental and transferable to the ring. He was a former world champion after all, so picking a fight with him would be unwise, (unless you are brave and don’t mind getting knocked out).

The transition between the end of the interview and the next part of the episode feels fitting. The walk along the pier filming the calm sea and the peaceful boats could be a metaphor for the boxer; someone at peace with themselves that understands the nature of things because of the life they have led.


Fun Filled Treats 

Like a ray of sunshine parting the clouds, it has finally returned…another cooking tutorial finally returns! My knife and fork from the first episode have been waiting patiently to tuck into a tutorial. I must say I felt relieved that it returned, (it was sorely missed). 

This week they are making a typical Sardinian sweet that requires folding and baking in the oven. When it has finished and has been removed from the oven, it comes out baked to perfection, (no pun intended), and looks absolutely delectable. It made me remember baking biscuits with my mum when I was a kid, as Erica said “It brings me back to my childhood”. The folding over of the pastry reminded me of ravioli and the process of folding the pasta over the ingredients in the middle.

The episode concludes with them trying fresh Sardinian bread. The look of the bread and the description makes it look instantly moreish, (strawberry and apricot jam at the ready to spread on it). The fresh loaves piled high in front of them is making me peckish. 

Let’s hope the viewers, (and myself), don’t have to wait two whole episodes to get a flavorful tutorial to conclude yet another wonderful episode.


Settling In

I now feel like I have become well acquainted with Cagliari. 

As each episode concludes, I feel myself reflecting on all the wonderful interviews and vast culture that is present in Cagliari. 

Although the next episode is the final episode in Cagliari, I feel like I have already gained a lot of insight into Sardinia and how its people are representative of the tranquil island environment that they inhabit. 

To watch all these wonderful episodes in full, they are available on the Britalians TV website as well as on Amazon Prime.

By Britalians TV
Written by
Emeka Diamond

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